Meet the Team

Dedicated to your success.

Larry Chaityn_TSG Grid

Trains Belgian Malinois military working dogs and has an amazing 3-year-old beast named Maya.

Larry Chaityn

Larry Chaityn, Clinical Recruiter

Likes to sing jingles about anything.

Aaron Goldman

Aaron Goldman, Director of Recruiting

Crowned 'Miss Muffet' of 1972.

Tracey Goldthwaite

Tracey Goldthwaite, Senior Vice President

Wouldn't be caught dead without lipstick!

Julie Heneghan

Julie Heneghan, Founder and President

Has a diploma in Square Dancing. (Yeah, we think so, too.)

Denise Kowalski

Denise Kowalski, Marketing & Operations

Can happily live on hot wings, pizza, Diet Mountain Dew & red wine

Lisa Madden

Lisa Madden, Executive VP, Staffing
Gabby Mendieta_TSG

Hasn't met a dog she didn't like.

Gabby Mendieta

Gabby Mendieta, Clinical Recruiter

What are you looking at?!?

Tom Nolan

Tom Nolan, Chief Financial Officer
Jen White_TSG_Option 2

Jennifer White

Jennifer White, Client Partner Associate