“The Three Ways Employers Misclassify Workers” Webinar – Now Available On-Demand

“The Three Ways Employers Misclassify Workers” Webinar – Now Available On-Demand

Exempt or non-exempt? Employee or independent contractor? Paid employee or unpaid intern? These three decisions about how to classify a new worker are often made based on assumptions, gut feelings, or “the way we’ve always done it.” Yet, these decisions can turn out to be the most momentous – and most dangerous – ones your company makes during the worker’s entire tenure.

Plantiffs’ attorneys and the Department of Labor are keenly interested in finding employers who are too aggressive in classifying workers as exempt from overtime, as independent contractors, or as unpaid interns. At this web event, Neil H. Dishman, an attorney focusing on workplace law, arms you with the knowledge to avoid these traps.

The Three Ways Employers Misclassify Workers – And How Your Company Can Get It Right [WEBINAR]
Presented by Neil Dishman of Jackson Lewis P.C.
Moderated by The Steely Group’s Tracey Goldthwaite
Recorded: Thursday, April 20, 2017 | Duration: 1 Hour



What You’ll Learn:

  • Practical tips for making defensible decisions about exempt status, via discussion of several hotly-litigated occupations
  • Obvious and not-so-obvious signs that an “independent contractor” should really be an employee
  • The surprisingly limited circumstances in which companies can employ unpaid “interns”


Bonus Q&A Content:

Question: If someone who’s listening to our webinar today is thinking they have misclassified an employee(s), what’s the first thing they should do besides reach out to you?

Question: If we hire and pay an undergrad student who is fulfilling the requirements of an internship for their degree completion and we call the position an “Intern” but classify them as an employee, is this permissible?

Question: What if someone goes from exempt to non-exempt and wants to work through lunch to get full 8-hour days or longer if he/she comes in later and leaves earlier than other employees?

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Jackson Lewis P.C., Chicago, IL


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