Meet the Team

Dedicated to your success.

Kelley Cole_The Steely Group

Was born on Friday the 13th in October under a full moon. Superstitious? Not in the least!

Kelley Cole

Kelley Cole, Clinical Recruiter

Wears green for 17 days straight -- March 1-17th.

Colleen Eddy

Colleen Eddy, Senior Executive Recruiter

Likes to sing jingles about anything.

Aaron Goldman

Aaron Goldman, Manager, Clinical Recruitment & Training Lead

Crowned 'Miss Muffet' of 1972.

Tracey Goldthwaite

Tracey Goldthwaite, Senior Vice President

Wouldn't be caught dead without lipstick!

Julie Heneghan

Julie Heneghan, Founder and President

Has a diploma in Square Dancing. (Yeah, we think so, too.)

Denise Kowalski

Denise Kowalski, Marketing & Operations
Lisa Madden_EVP CS_TSG.jpg

Can happily live on hot wings, pizza, Diet Mountain Dew & red wine

Lisa Madden

Lisa Madden, Executive VP, Clinical Staffing

What are you looking at?!?

Tom Nolan

Tom Nolan, Chief Financial Officer
Nicole Smith_The-Steely-Group.jpg

Stock Market Whiz by age 12.

Nicole Smith

Nicole Smith, Director of Business Development
Sam Williams_The Steely Group

Played bass guitar in a '70s cover band

Sam Williams

Sam Williams, Clinical Recruiter