Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day 2017

Take Our Daughters and Sons To Work Day 2017

On Thursday, April 27th, The Steely Group welcomed 15 kids, ages 4 to 14, for an inspiring, fun-filled day of hands-on activities in conjunction with Take Our Daughters and Sons to Work Day 2017. This was the third TODASTW event in as many years for The Steely Group, and our Team made sure there was something extra special for every one of our guests.

Tracey Goldthwaite kicked things off with The Beach Ball Icebreaker. Here’s how it works: The kids learn about each other by answering random questions written on a beach ball that they toss to one another. Catch the ball, answer the question nearest to your left thumb, and toss it to someone else. It’s a great game for all ages!

The kids were then divided into teams for activities that included Change the Way the World Thinks, a critical thinking exercise in which the kids acted as advice columnists for a city paper and crafted responses to various work-life balance issues.

Kelly Rubach, Director of Business Development, hosted Selfies with Stu, The Steely Group’s adventurous Clinical Recruiting Mascot. (This bear gets around! Check out his Instagram: #SteelyStu @SteelyStu4U)

A company-wide scavenger hunt offered a closer look at what we do at The Steely Group; and all the kids had a hand in creating a custom paint-by-number art project commemorating the day.

This year’s TODASTW activities concluded with the kids coming together to complete a special project in support of our Troops that included a hand-written letter of appreciation packed inside a special care package of small personal items and snacks to be shipped to our military overseas.

This photo slideshow offers a glimpse of our day…Enjoy!

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