Mom’s Best Advice: A Mother’s Day Tribute

Mom’s Best Advice: A Mother’s Day Tribute

Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at The Steely Group! As a special Mother’s Day tribute, The Steely Group Team shares the best piece of advice each of us has learned from our mom:

Julie Heneghan, President,
and her mom, Pat
Best Advice:

Mom used to say that she was my “mother first and friend last.” She would hold me up in tough times and fight for me when I gave up. She’d tell me to never give up and believe in myself even when others did not believe in me. She told me to give until it hurts and to do so with a smile.



Tracey Goldthwaite, SVP,
and her mom, Lola
Best Advice:

“Never go out without putting your face on.”




John Flowers, VP, Clinical Staffing,
and his mom, Mary Lou
Best Advice:

“Live every day like it was your last.”



Tom Nolan, CFO,
and his mom, Rose
Best Advice:

“Work hard. Be grateful.”



Rachel Ambroziak, Sr. Clinical Recruiter,
and her mom, Mari
Best Advice:

“Always have some money put away just for yourself that nobody knows about. You never know when you’ll need it!”




Colleen Eddy,
Sr. Recruiter,
and her mom, Jane
 Best Advice:

“The road to hell was paved with good intentions.”


Aaron Goldman,
Sr. Clinical Recruiter,
and his mom, Lynda
Best Advice:

“Always be yourself. You have such an impact on people;
be sure to use that gift.”



Kathleen Hepburn,
Sr. Recruiter,
and her mom, Marilyn
Best Advice:

“Smile or your face will freeze that way!”




Leslie Hughes, Director of Business Development,
and her mom, Rosalee
Best Advice:

“Try and find the positive in every situation and the goodness in every person.”



Denise Kowalski, Marketing Director,
and her mom, Darlene
Best Advice:

“Life is all about making good choices.
Do your best; you only go around once.”



Kristen Krope, Director of Business Development,
and her mom, Dorothy
Best Advice:

“You’ll understand when you are older.” and “Always wear clean underwear; you never know.”



Cindy Mitchell, Operations Manager,
and her mom, Christina
Best Advice:

“You’re never too old to go after your dreams.”





Julie Monti, Sr. Recruiter,
and her mom, Marlene
Best Advice:

The 3 R’s: Review your life – Set goals and adjust your sails accordingly. What is important at 30, sure as hell isn’t the same at 40. If it is, there’s a bigger problem. Relocate – Change of scenery is good for your soul. Pick a location that’s good for your hair, you’ll be happier. Reinvent yourself – Don’t be afraid to change your path. Stay the course and the same people will find you.


Kelly Rubach, Director of Business Development,
and her mom, Annette
Best Advice:

“Always dance. And definitely dance
like no one is watching!”



Jennifer Harris,
Contract Recruiter,
and her mom, Lu Rae
Best Advice:

It’s hard to say what’s the best advice my mom ever gave to me! I think, in fact, it was what she didn’t say that has had a profound impact on me. She is a great listener, and that, more than anything, has taught me a lot about being a good wife and mother.

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