Who Knew?!
5 Fun Facts About Maureen



If you could be a character from a TV show, movie or book, who would you most want to be?

Jack Bauer from ’24’


Who is the most famous person you have ever met?

Julie Andrews


What is your hidden talent?

I play Golf.


What’s the one thing you
love to do at work?

Listen to music
while I’m working.
The louder, the better!


If you had a theme song, what would it be?

Toes in the Water
(Zac Brown Band)

Maureen Connelly



Maureen brings more than 25 years of recruiting, hiring and training experience to The Steely Group. One of the things she enjoys most about her role as a Recruiter is matching the right candidate with a great, new opportunity. Maureen applies her extensive background in client services and customer relations to offer a positive experience and build rewarding, long-term relationships. Her ‘can-do’ attitude, incredible work ethic, and a compassion to help others are the keys to her success.


Prior to joining The Steely Group, Maureen served as Project Coordinator for Adventist Midwest Management Services, where she helped with the implementation of the ICD-10.


After graduating from St. Mary’s University with a BA in Marketing, Maureen began her career as a floor manager and stock broker for Goldberg Securities. There, she successfully supervised and managed more than 50 employees and 100 option traders, and oversaw the trading operations of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (CBOE) and Chicago Stock Exchange. During her 13-year tenure as Broker/Manager of DJ Equities on the Chicago Stock Exchange, Maureen managed all trading activities as well as advising clients on trade strategies and cultivating new business.


Maureen is most passionate about her family. She’s a longtime volunteer and supporter of The Port Ministries, a charitable organization that provides programs and services to under-served communities on Chicago’s South Side. In addition to her work, Maureen enjoys meeting new people, improving her golf game, and riding horses.


Contact Maureen: | Direct: 847.957.4372