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Giving Thanks: What We Are Most Grateful for this Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving from all of us at The Steely Group! To kick off this season of gratitude, The Steely Group team shares a favorite holiday memory, tradition, or what we are most grateful for this Thanksgiving.

Julie Heneghan, President

I am thankful for my family – my children brighten my day and bring purpose to my life.

As a mother, it’s amazing to see little people that you gave birth to grow into young adults and develop their own personalities. I feel that it’s a huge responsibility to guide them to be amazing people who contribute to this world and learn to be kind to others and give back. They emulate what they are taught by their parents and those around them. What an opportunity to make a difference in a life and the universe.

I am grateful for their health, happiness and contributions that they are starting to make in this world!

Tom Nolan, Chief Financial Officer

Thanksgiving favorites:
…The smell of turkey, just as it begins to brown in the oven
…Morning football with the family
…Putting up holiday lights the day after Thanksgiving

Tracey Goldthwaite, Senior Vice President

TG-The-Steely-Group.jpgI am grateful for my family….

For my husband, who is one of the funniest people I’ve ever met. Twenty years of marriage and he can still make us laugh every day.

I am also grateful for four healthy kids who, despite giving us a run for our money on a daily basis, seem to appreciate what life has given them and recognize the importance of being kind to others.

Kelly Rubach, Director, Business Development

I am most thankful for the opportunity to celebrate Thanksgiving with three sides of families in three different fun ways.

Traditionally, we host an “All-Holiday” weekend for my Michigan family in October – we decorate for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Easter, Christmas, etc. On Thanksgiving, I cook for my in-laws who happily gave up this “hard to cook for” holiday. And lastly, we spend the weekend after Thanksgiving with my Dad’s family, eating leftover turkey and sides for each and every meal including breakfast, while playing pinball tournaments and watching football.

Kristen Krope, Director of Business Development

“Life is full of give and take. Give thanks and take nothing for granted.”
I am thankful for my family and friends, and my inner circle.
I am truly blessed!

Cindy Mitchell, Operations Manager



I am most grateful for my support system—be it at work, at home, or spread out all over the world.

I am also grateful for coffee and wine.  😉




Anna Korelis, Recruiting Specialist

I am thankful for my puppy, Sabo, and for a year filled with great, new beginnings and amazing travels with my loved ones.

Julie Monti, Senior Recruiter

Family. Friends. Togetherness. Love.

And these eight kids who make my life special.

Thankful! ♥



Aaron Goldman, Senior Clinical Recruiter

I am most thankful to be able to spend Thanksgiving with my extended family, most of whom I do not get to see too often.

Dina Gallay, Senior Director of Business Development

I’m thankful for for being surrounded by constant love and frequent laughter!










Kathleen Hepburn, Senior Recruiter

This year, I am most thankful for:
My smart, sassy but incredibly kind kids who never fail to make me laugh. My niece and nephews who remind me to never stop being a kid. Celebrating another Thanksgiving with both my parents.

And, having a HOME to call our own.

Sarah Radford, Recruiting Specialist

I am thankful for my family, my friends, and my health. I am blessed to have a caring family that is supportive of everything I do; they are my number one cheerleaders. I am thankful for my friends who always have my back, no matter what.

Every time I think of what I am thankful for, family and friends is always a given, but this year I have realized how fortunate I am to live a healthy life with little obstacles because not everyone can say that. While there is so much more to be thankful for, family, friends, and health are among the most important to me because without those, I would not be able to live the life I live.

Colleen Eddy, Senior Executive Recruiter

I am most grateful for winning the lottery of best parents, best friend siblings, the love of my life husband Bill, and friends that lighten the load of his loss.

Denise Kowalski, Talent Attraction Specialist

I am most thankful for my loving and supportive family. I am especially grateful that I still have my mom, Darlene — Thank you for all you do!

I am also grateful for my friends, and my little man, Tucker!

Life is good!


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