Who Knew?!
5 Fun Facts About Gabby


If you could be a character from a TV show, movie, or book, who would you most want to be?

Jennifer Lopez


Who is the most famous person you have ever met?

My grandpa. He was a well-known Peruvian artist. He had 13 albums, his own radio station show, and was an author.


What is your hidden talent?

Learning song lyrics


What’s the one thing you love to do at work?

Besides keeping my snack drawer full…Finding the best candidates for a role.


If you had a theme song, what would it be?

Higher Love (Kygo and Whitney Huston)

Gabby Mendieta

Clinical Recruiter


Gabby is a focused, relationship-driven individual who brings high energy, motivation, and 5 years of full life-cycle experience to her role as a Clinical Recruiter for The Steely Group.


Making an impact in people’s lives is important to Gabby, and she is especially passionate about recruiting in the clinical space. “Disease impacts everyone,” she says. “And while I’m not going to be a doctor or work on a cure for cancer, I have the tools to find the right people who can make a difference.”


Prior to joining The Steely Group, Gabby served as an Executive Recruiter for Green Key Resources where she focused on clinical, scientific and pharmaceutical roles. Her background also includes roles at Aerotek and AbbVie, where she began her recruiting career.


Away from the office, Gabby enjoys spending time with friends and family, dancing, and traveling internationally to such destinations as Peru, where she was born. She also enjoys working out – prior to her recruiting career, Gabby was a sponsored athlete for BIORhythm and Quest Nutrition. Like most of her Steely teammates, Gabby loves dogs! She is a pet-parent to Maximus – a lovable, ESA-certified 65-pound “lap dog” that she enjoys training. Together, they are working on acceptance into the Canine Good Citizen Program.


Contact Gabby: GMendieta@TheSteelyGroup.com | Direct: 630.246.6825


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