Employee Recognition

Be the Difference Awards

Be the Difference “On the Spot” Awards

The Steely Group’s Be the Difference Awards recognize Team members for an awesome job, good deeds, going above and beyond or the extra mile.


Senior leadership acknowledges team members’ contributions and individual awesomeness “on the spot” with a worker bee flying-high balloon and  Buzz Coin — tokens that can be collected and redeemed for gift cards, personal services and time off. As an added bonus, Team members earn one Buzz Coin per quarter that can be used to acknowledge a colleague for bee-ing so helpful, doing a bee-utiful job, just bee-cause…you get the gist.

What’s the Buzz? Celebrating Performance!

Kathleen Hepburn, Sr. Recruiter
Buzzed: February 15, 2017

Kelly Rubach, Director of Business Development
Buzzed: February 16, 2017

Denise Kowalski, Marketing Director
Buzzed: February 23, 2017

Aaron Goldman, Sr. Clinical Recruiter
Buzzed: March 16, 2017

Tracey Goldthwaite, Senior Vice President
Buzzed: April 10, 2017

Tom Nolan, CFO
Buzzed: April 11, 2017

Julie Monti, Sr. Recruiter
Buzzed: August 1, 2017

Cindy Mitchell, Operations Manager
Buzzed: September 26, 2017

Sarah Radford, Recruiting Specialist
Buzzed: October 18, 2017

Anna Korelis, Recruiting Specialist
Buzzed: November 21, 2017

Quarterly Award & High-Five Trophy

In addition to the random, on-the-spot awards, company founder and president, Julie Heneghan, recognizes one Team member for his/her professional and personal achievements with the Be the Difference Quarterly Award. Team members can be nominated for this honor which includes a day off, cash bonus, and the handy High-Five trophy. In addition to bragging rights for the quarter, honorees have a hand in personalizing the trophy — adding a special touch that reflects their unique personality.

Let’s Give a Big Hand To…

AARON GOLDMAN, Sr. Clinical Recruiter
Q2-2017 Award Winner

“Aaron’s motivation, strength in networking, and generosity of spirit have earned him
The Steely Group’s High-Five Award for Q2-2017.”
– Julie Heneghan

KELLY RUBACH, Director of Business Development
Q1-2017 Award Winner

“Kelly’s great attitude, consistent performance and personalized service
have earned her The Steely Group’s High-Five Award for Q1-2017.”
– Julie Heneghan

August 1, 2017 – Company founder and president, Julie Heneghan awarded the High-Five Trophy for Q2-2017 to Aaron Goldman, Sr. Clinical Recruiter.  Aaron received this honor in recognition of outstanding contributions and professional achievements for the quarter.


Aaron’s flexibility, positive attitude, willingness to cover for his colleagues and help train new hires were also highlighted as reasons Julie selected Aaron to receive this quarterly award.


Aaron Goldman:  Top producer, spirited rainmaker, candidate advocate, genuine nice guy…Congratulations!

April 25, 2017 – Company founder and president, Julie Heneghan awarded the High-Five Trophy for Q1-2017 to Kelly Rubach, Director of Business Development. Kelly received this honor in recognition of her tireless efforts and outstanding contributions to The Steely Group’s Clinical staffing business – she made a seamless move into a BD role, identified and developed a new, niche market for The Steely Group, and surpassed her performance goals.


Julie also applauded Kelly’s brilliant mind in creating Steely Stu, The Steely Group’s adventurous Clinical Recruiting Mascot. Stu lives in Cambridge, Mass., and has his own Instagram account complete with Stu’s Clues on Tues (build a better career by filling up your career toolbox), FunFriday (jokes) and more.


Kelly Rubach:  Top producer, inspiring mentor, fast talker (literally, a mile a minute), creative genius…Congratulations!