Core Values in Motion: You Give What You Get

Like most companies, The Steely Group has a set of core values that unites our company as a whole — guiding principles that include Be Fearless, Keep It Real, Deliver Crazy-Good Service, and, a team favorite, Give Back.

Kathleen Hepburn, Senior Recruiter at The Steely Group, finds that giving back adds purpose to her life and helps to keep her grounded. “I’ve been very fortunate,” she says. “I have an obligation to give back and do what I can to make someone else’s life better.”

For years, Kathleen worked as an HR Manager but got pulled into too many directions, felt completely burnt out, and decided it was time to chart a new course. She took a risk and chose to focus on one facet of HR that came naturally – Recruiting – and made that her full-time job.

“I so enjoy helping candidates achieve a better quality of life through meaningful work and opportunities for advancement,” says Hepburn. “Shifting gears and focusing on Recruiting freed me to be emotionally available to pursue opportunities to give back which, in turn, fuels me in my work every day.”

Kathleen is quick to point out that volunteering can provide a great introduction to other industries, opportunities and career paths you may not have previously considered.

Kathleen-Hepburn-The-Steely-GroupInspired by the amazing athletes she met last month while participating in the Iron Girl Pleasant Prairie Triathlon, Kathleen is excited to give back this weekend and serve as an Angel with myTEAM TRIUMPH Chicago Chapter.

She’ll join other volunteers and be paired with a disabled athlete who will captain a team of Angels through an entire race, guaranteeing them their moment of glory as they cross the finish line that so many of us take for granted.

“Everyday kindnesses become so meaningful when you give back,” says Hepburn. “It’s a never-ending circle of gratitude,” she adds. “You give what you get!”

We invite you to learn more about Kathleen Hepburn, our company culture, and myTEAM TRIUMPH.

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