Best Places to Work in Illinois – What I Would Have Said

By Tracey Goldthwaite

Last week, The Steely Group was honored as one of the 2017 Best Places to Work in Illinois. While we knew we had been named to the list, the ranking of companies in each of three categories had not yet been revealed. (The Steely Group ranked #2 out of 29 companies in the Small Employer Category.)

First-place winners in each category were asked to give a speech. Having been given the honor of accepting the award on behalf of our company, I became increasingly concerned that I did not have any remarks prepared. I sat anxiously listening to the countdown of top companies…5, 4, 3….

In the end, I did not need my notes, but what follows is what I would have said had we taken top honors:

Imagine coming to work every day where your greeting every morning is as warm and welcoming as it was on your first day.

Where each of us is uniquely different in our backgrounds and experiences, yet united by our shared vision of offering the very best experience to everyone we serve.

Where your creativity is encouraged and rewarded.

Where your ideas and suggestions are valued and put into action.

Where being successful is not solely defined by individual accomplishments but by meeting team goals.

Where you help everyone who needs it, because a rising tide lifts all boats.

Where your personal development is as valued as your professional development.

Where a great day is measured not just in terms of matching awe-inspiring talent with wicked good opportunities, but also by the fun we have celebrating birthdays, bringing our kids to work, gathering for potlucks and more.

It’s where you come and think, how lucky am I?

The answer…so lucky.

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