A Mother’s Day Tribute

A Mother’s Day Tribute

Celebrating the moms in our lives…. Happy Mother’s Day from all of us at The Steely Group!

Julie Heneghan, President

What do I love most about being a mom?

Being a mom is a challenge and a lot of work, but at the end of the day, the joy it ultimately brings outweighs all of the struggles. You give everything you have got and think of yourself last. It’s such an important job because you are helping these young children develop into good people and shaping them for their life. What a gift to watch them grow.

I am lucky to have a great mom whom you see in the picture (right). I think of her fondly every day and her memory stays alive with my children as we remember grandma and follow her beliefs and traditions.

I must admit that I feel accomplished as I look at my children, but still have work to do…a mother’s job never ends.



Tom Nolan, Chief Financial Officer

My mom (in pink) showed me you could change and grow even “later” in life:

• She quit smoking after 40 years
• Bought a treadmill in her 50’s and actually used it on a daily basis
• Began to travel where she had not done much traveling before

Throughout her life, she showed me that is it never wrong or too late to try to make things right or at least better.




Tracey Goldthwaite, Senior Vice President

My favorite “Mom Memory” was while attending Freshman orientation at Saint Mary’s College. We just happened to walk into a presentation about spending your Sophomore year studying abroad in Rome, Italy. I didn’t look at my parents once during the hour-long presentation. The more I listened the more I knew I wanted to go but it was a huge “ask” of my parents. Not to mention, in order to go you needed to be enrolled in Italian class your Freshman year. My class schedule was complete and I was taking Spanish.

No one said a word as we exited the presentation. When we paused on the sidewalk, my mom looked at me and said, “Shall we go to the Registrar’s office and switch out Spanish for Italian?” My father was in shock, he was not on board with his only child being away for an entire year, and strongly disagreed. My parents were almost always on the same page, yet in this moment my mom got it, she knew that it would be an amazing experience and I had to go. They would find a way to make it happen. I did spend my Sophomore year abroad and it was the most amazing experience of my life.

What I love most about being a mom is when my kids walk up and hug and kiss me for no reason. They won’t be in my house forever so I live for those moments.



Demeika Roberts, Sr. Clinical Recruiter

What do I admire most about my mom? I admire how my mom instilled in me that God and Family Matters over Everything! If you keep God and Family first everything else in life will fall into place!

My favorite Mom Memory – The smile on my mom’s face when I took her to London.



Dorie McCrann, Sr. Clinical Recruiter

What I admire most about my Mom is she taught me to be a strong, independent woman and you can accomplish anything with hard work, if you put your mind to it!




Kelly Rubach, Director of Business Development

I admire my mom’s efforts embracing technology over the last 30 years. My Mom taught me that change is good and bring it on.

Think….Nintendo, word processors, cell phones in a bag, netbooks and Discmans…we’d bring them home and as a family figure out how to use them.

When I left home, I observed from afar…We saw her transition from VHS to the ‘AMAZING’ Netflix DVDs “CAN YOU BELIEVE IT KELLY” and I almost dropped the phone when she said she was finding SO many movies ‘in the computer’ through Amazon Prime.

Recently, a text appeared on my phone and it read “FROM MOM”…and I fell off my chair. A smart phone was nestled in her hand and on my next visit home, we mastered swiping vs stabbing (It’s not a real button mom) and that I know the texts are from her so she doesn’t have to write FROM MOM.

What makes me giggle is although she faces technology head-on, she still insists on telling me “that technology” got it wrong.

On a road trip, Google maps failed her. But covering her basis, she still had her AAA-issued map that steered her right “THANK GOD FOR THAT.” Another time, I called her repeatedly on the new smartphone, connections were being made but she couldn’t hear me. But, alas, she had kept her landline. “THANK GOD FOR THAT.”

In these cases, “that technology” was to blame and was obviously “still working out the kinks.” I never brought up the obvious potential user error…how could I crush this vibrant technology embracing spirit?!

So, although my mom has taught me to face challenges head-on, she also taught me to have a backup plan because you never know when “that technology” might fail you. Thanks Mom!



Sarah Radford, Recruiting Specialist

“Life doesn’t come with a manual, it comes with a mother.”




Colleen Eddy, Senior Recruiter

She left us a legacy—six children now best friends, and she always rose “to the level of happiness” regardless of what life presented. Mom always found the best in others, always gave of herself and taught us to “turn the other check.” She was devoted to dad and to us and created a life of energy, fun, commitment, discipline and love. There is no other Jane Barry.




Julie Monti, Senior Recruiter

Happy Mother’s Day to the most important women in my life who have always guided me in the right direction.

My Babysitter who introduced me to livin’ the California life and the importance of travel to feed your soul.

My Mom who taught me the impact of reinventing yourself and loving the process, no matter how painful or frustrating.

My sister, the energizer bunny, who shows me how to live gracefully when facing your greatest fears.



Kathleen Hepburn, Senior Recruiter


One thing I love about being a mom is raising kids who I can see are kind & compassionate!

I know each of them will in their own unique way make the world a better place.

…and raising a boy who wanted to March because he said, “Women should have rights too!”





Cindy Mitchell, Operations Manager

Best road trip babies, 5 minutes in the car and they are asleep….EVERY TIME!

My favorite ‘mom moment’ or memory:
For a while, my mom would go the this grocery store/restaurant near her house to get a sandwich. One day, we were all out, and she was getting ready to place her order and says, “I think I’m going to get the Poonani.” (If you don’t know what that is, Urban dictionary is your friend.)

My sisters and I looked at each other in shock, laughed, and corrected her. She was wondering WHY we were laughing so hard. Once we stopped laughing, we explained what Poonani is, and she says, “So THAT’S why they look at me funny when I order!”




Denise Kowalski, Marketing Director | Clinical Recruiter


Strength and determination are two attributes I most admire about my mom. Don’t try to tell her she can’t do something…she recently repaired the plaster on her bedroom ceiling! And she has a lust for life that would rival that of a 20-year-old!

Happy Mother’s Day… to my dear friend, confidant, partner-in-crime!


Anna Korelis, Recruiting Specialist



I admire my mother because she can do it all!

She never shies away from a challenge, and she is always optimistic.










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